Nitrome’s Super Arrow Island Now in Early Access

Super Arrow Island

Prolific indie game developer and publisher Nitrome has launched an early access version of its new easy to pick up arcade game Super Arrow Island.

Super Arrow Island has players aim and shoot arrows to get from one small island to the next by shooting magical arrows. While the game starts off simple, players will quickly run into challenges. As they advance from island to island players will have to weary of monsters that will attempt to surround them and obstacles that will get in their way. To bypass these dangers players will need a quick reaction time and steady control of their arrows. Or power-ups that can be purchased along the way, those help too.

The new game offers players the chance to collect different character skins, take on a variety of tropical creatures, and collect coins along the way. Most of the game’s skins are throwbacks to older Nitrome titles like Rust Bucket and Platform Panic.

Nitrome is a London, England based video game publisher and developer that is best known for titles like Silly Sausage in Meat Land and Ultimate Briefcase. More recently Nitrome has released mini golf game Nano Golf, vertical platformer Spike City, and puzzle game In The Dog House. The company’s games are available on Android, iOS, and through its website.

Super Arrow Island is free and contains ads and that can be removed with an in app purchase. It’s available on Google Play.

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