Strategy RPG “War of Crown” To Shut Down Next Month

War of Crown

Mobile gaming is often though of as a business filled with hits and misses. It’s important to remember that for every massively successsful game that tops the charts, there are dozens if not hundreds of games that will never be as successful as their creators had hoped. Sometimes that leads to games that stick around in limbo for a while, other times developers adjust and make due with the fan base they have and try to improve the game over time hoping that it will lead to greater success down the road. In some cases, service for the game is terminated. This was the case with Dragon’s Nest 2: Legend while it was still in its soft launch phase, and as well as with Square-Enix’s Flame vs Blaze before the Android version of the game launched. Gamevil and developer Asone Games have announced that service for the strategy RPG War of Crown will end on January 30th, 2018.

War of Crown is a gacha strategy role-playing game that launched in April of 2017. It featured gameplay that many fans of Japanese SRPGs will find familiar. Though it lacked the depth of games like Final Fantasy or the recently The Alchemist Code, War of Crown had some charming characters. It seems that was not enough for it to maintain an active user base.

War of Crown is offering some users refunds, for more on that please refer to the official statement from the makers of the game. In game purchases have already been disabled.

Here is an excerpt of a statement made by the War of Crown team to fans of the game:

Greetings Heroes,

Since April, we have strived to do our best to bring you an enjoyable and rewarding game, one that would be loved by many for years to come.

However, we are truly sad to announce that our journey will come to a close, as service for War of Crown will be terminated.

All of us envisioned bringing you a fun style of gameplay which incorporated real-time strategic elements into turn-based tactical battles that challenged the notions of what a real strategy RPG game could be.

In addition, in order to respark user interest in the game, we prepared several content-filled updates beforehand and made a number of urgent, on-the-spot fixes as well.

However, in the end, what we set out to do through rebalancing and content updates may have been far from what our Heroes had in mind.

Here is one of the early trailers for the game that will be shutting down soon:

While the game may still be accessible if you have it installed, War of Crown has been removed from Google Play.