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Strain Tactics Is Now Available on Android

Developer Touch Dimensions has released its action packed strategy game Strain Tactics on Android. Players will need to take their squads of 1-5 members into the game’s 30+ unique maps as they fight off the undead-esque infected. Units can be leveled up and powered up with new equipment, but they can also die (and either be revived or have their body sold for points). Users will need to combine their role as the tactician who commands his or her squad with their combat role as they rain down destruction on the infected from the air.

Strain Tactics originally came out on PC via Steam in May 2017, where the game currently enjoys 89% positive reviews. The game has since received numerous patches fixing bugs and making balance tweaks. While it is never a guarantee that the Android version of the game will receive a similar level of support, Touch Dimensions has already released their first patch for the Android version of Strain Tactics.

Strain Tactics is $5.99 and does not contain any ads or in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description and an official trailer with more information:

-Build and command your own 1-5-member heliborne task force.

-Choose from over 80 playable characters with unique personalities and strengths, and equip their 1-3 inventory slots with countless weapon and item combinations.

-Choreograph your team’s actions in real time with a dynamic drag-control system or manually micromanage units!

-Defend the Helibase, and protect your team from above with miniguns, autocannons, and more.

-Manage your team’s mental health. Keep your squad topped up with happy pills, or deploy emotionless combat droids.

Interested? Check out Strain Tactics on Google Play

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