Blowfish Studios Working on Storm Boy Adaptation

Storm Boy: The Game

Blowfish Studios has announced that it is currently working on a video game adaptation of the classic Australia children’s book Storm Boy and plans to release the game later this year.

Like the book, Storm Boy: The Game will follow a young boy as he rescues and befriends a pelican that goes on to become the boy’s pet. The game will be an interactive retelling of the book’s narrative and will also mixing in a number of different mini-games for users to play with their pet pelican Mr. Percival.

Storm Boy was written by Colin Thiele and originally published in Australia in 1964. It has been re-released numerous times since. The story was also adapted for the big screen in a 1973 movie, and is scheduled to once again hit theaters in 2019 with a new movie starring Geoffrey Rush.

The game is coming to Android, iOS, PC and major consoles. It is scheduled to be released in late 2018.

Blowfish Studios is best known for sci-fi exploration game Morphite and pixel art adventure game The Deer God. The Australian studio’s games have typically had a lukewarm reception with Android users due to bugs and technical issues. Morphite was hit with negative reviews for crashes and other serious issues, as well as the standard negative reviews free to try tend to get from users who are surprised that a game is not entirely free.

Players looking forward to the game can check out the official website, though there isn’t much there at this time. Here’s a brief teaser trailer for the upcoming Storm Boy: The game:

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