Steam Link App Coming to Android Later This Month

Steam Link

Valve has announced that they plan on releasing the Steam Link app on Android and iOS sometime during the week of May 21st. The new app promises to let Android users stream games from their Stream Library and play them on their tablet, smartphone or Android TV devices. While that sounds like a major move at first glance, there’s a pretty barrier to entry.

While Steam Link allows players to stream their games on other devices, gamers will still need to have a PC or Mac host system that will be running those games. Unlike services such as Rovio’s Hatch, Steam Link does not handle hosting in the cloud, instead players stream games over their home network.

The Steam Link app will give users the ability to play their Steam library using a compatible controller, or other compatible external input devices. That means no touchscreen controls. The announcement also lists 5ghz Wi-Fi or a wired Ethernet connection as a requirement.

Valve also announced that they will be releasing the Steam Video app this summer. The app will allow users to view their Steam video library on their Android and iOS devices. Unlike Steam Link, Steam Video will not require the use of a host system running Steam. Users will be able to both download videos for offline viewing and stream their content over Wi-Fi and LTE.