Star Ocean: Anamnesis Gets Its First Crossover Event

The global version of Square Enix’s Star Ocean: ANAMNESIS is getting its first crossover event. Gamers can collect two new heroes and try their luck in a new event during the Star Ocean: ANAMNESIS x Valkyrie Profile crossover.

New to Star Ocean are Lenneth and Similiria, two popular characters from Valkyrie Profile, which was recently released on Android as Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. Players can try to obtain the new duo during the event banner summon.

STAR OCEAN: ANAMNESIS x Valkyrie Profile
As part of the new crossover event players will be able to challenge the Blood Valkyrie for a chance to earn rewards and event coins. Those looking for more rewards will be able to take part in an ongoing login event which will reward players with various items and summoning tickets.

The Star Ocean: ANAMNESIS x Valkyrie Profile crossover event is set to run until September 18, 2018, though coins obtained by defeating the Blood Valkyrie will be usable until September 25th.

Anamnesis is a hero collection RPG that lets gamers summon characters from throughout the Star Ocean universe in order to form teams and go to different planets to battle monsters. The action RPG strays from the standard mobile ARPG formula utilized in games like Darkness Rises, instead offering players a game that can be played with one hand while in portrait mode.

While the English version of the game launched in July, it is currently only available in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Gamers from other areas may need to change their Google Play region using a VPN to download the game.

The Star Ocean: ANAMNESIS is free and contains in app purchases. The game is available on Google Play.

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