Strategy RPG Brown Dust Now Has An English Language Option

Brown Dust

Strategy RPG Brown Dust is now available in English as part of the game’s entry expansion in the international market.

Previously only available in South Korea and Japan, Brown Dust is a gacha RPG that has players collect and power up their team of heroes then place them on the game board and have them try and take down an opposing team.

Unlike Final Fantasy Tactics style strategy RPGs, players have little impact on combat after they place their units. Instead the game’s strategy lies in proper unit placement that takes into account attack types, abilities, range, and other key factors. The game’s combat system and hero collection are wrapped around a story told through simple visual novel-like cut scenes as players complete the 40 chapter (400 stage) campaign mode. There are also, guild wars, a bit of PVP, and other modes thrown into the mix.

The new English translation of the game is part of Brown Dust’s launch in Southeast Asia, giving gamers in the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and other parts of the regions a chance to play the game.

Brown Dust was at one point among the top grossing games in both Japan and Korea, ranking in the top 40 in both countries on Google Play’s top grossing games list. It currently ranks at #100 in Japan and in the 70s in South Korea.

Users that already have the Japanese version of the game can simply change their language in the game’s settings. Those that want to start fresh can switch over to the newly launched Asian server in the game’s settings. While the two Japanese and Asian servers use the same game app, progress is not shared between them.

Brown Dust is free and contains in app purchases.

Interested? Check out the English version of the popular SRPG on Google Play.

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