Square Enix Reveals Battle of Blades for Android & iOS

Battle of Blades

If you’re the type of person that pays close attention to the various teases and rumors that pop up in gaming circles, you might have seen Square-Enix’s BOB teaser page. It was a countdown to a new Android/iOS game, and all that was shown is weapons from past Square-Enix titles. Some thought that it was going to be a mobile version of the Blood of Bahamut, a 2009 Nintendo DS game that never made it out of Japan. Today Square Enix has revealed that the game is called Battle of Blades.

Battle of Blades appears to be an RPG with a focus on a 4 on 4 arena mode. There are promises of a well written story mode, as well as boss fights that require 4 on 4 coop. The story is written by Yuuichirou Higashide, a writer that worked on Fate/Apocrypha light novel and the Fate/Grand Order mobile game. There are gacha mechanics for characters, and characters can be customized including accessories that change their appearance. Battle of Blades also has a pre-registration campaign in Japan that promises some epic weapons from previous Square-Enix games. This description is based on a rough translation of the game’s official site, so it may not be entirely accurate. For more information, check out the official website for Battle of Blades (in Japanese).

The game is scheduled to launch in Japan on both iOS and Android at some point in 2017. No word on whether this game will see the light of day outside of Japan. Square-Enix has a mixed history of releasing their mobile games outside of Japan. Some games get released globally quite promptly, others remain in Japan, while some get eventual global releases like the upcoming Grimms Notes. Given that this is not based on an intellectual property that’s obscure outside of Japan, there is a reasonable chance that it will see a global launch. For those interested in the game, here is the official trailer:

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