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Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice now on Android

Capcom has just released Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice on Android & iOS. The title is quite a mouthful, so they have shortened it to simply Spirit of Justice. Players will need to examine evidence, interview witnesses, solve the mysteries, and fight it out in court as they explore the game’s cases.

Spirit of Justice is the latest in the Phoenix Wright series of courtroom visual novel games which started on the Nintendo DS in 2001. Since then the popular franchise has seen a bunch of new games, a live action movie, an anime series, and much more.

Spirit of Justice is the latest game in the Phoenix Wright series, and was originally launched on the 3DS in September of 2016. It is the third game in the franchise to see a Google Play release after Apollo Justice and Dual Destinies. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice is priced at $19.99 and does not contain any ads or in app purchases. Note that the game has device requirements in the Google Play description, and it is not playable offline.

Here are some of the game’s advertised features from its Google Play page and a trailer:

  • Intuitive interface includes useful features such as a backlog for you to re-read testimony and story dialogue.
    Freely explore 3D crime scenes for evidence and speak with witnesses for information that you can use in court!
  • Forensic scientist Ema Skye is back, and so are her many forensic tests.
  • Dismantle lies and resolve contradictions between witnesses’ words and the evidence!
  • In place of witness testimonies, the Royal Priestess of Khura’in offers the court her divine Insights, which are her interpretations of a victim’s final memories. Find the flaws in her Insights by comparing them to the Séance vision and the evidence, and reveal what really happened!
  • Phoenix Wright and his junior lawyers confront an all-new cast of interesting, amusing, and sometimes outrageous characters. Fan favorites also make their return under some unusual circumstances!
  • Delight in solving the mysteries and smile at the characters’ often ridiculous shenanigans. The drama and dialogue will keep you laughing, crying, and guessing until the very end!
  • Dress the three protagonists up in costumes and use them in the main game for some unintentionally humorous trials!

Interested? Check out Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice on Google Play

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