Sci-Fi RPG Space Rangers: Legacy Lands on Android

Space Rangers: Legacy

The Space Rangers franchise is back on Android with the latest entry in the long running sci-fi strategy series from Russian publisher 1C Company. Space Ranger: Legacy gives players the option to select their species and start their intergalactic adventure. The sci-fi game promises to let players focus on trade, take on a variety of quests and head into battle as they travel across the cosmos.

Originally released exclusively for iPads, the game’s publisher has stated that Legacy has been revamped for its Android and iPhone release. That includes improved graphics, new sound effects, a re-worked interface, and various other optimizations and bug fixes.

Space Rangers: Legacy is free and contains in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description with more information:

Destroy the Dominators, restore the balance of power, save the Universe! Space Rangers, the legendary stellar RPG, is now available on mobile and tablet devices. Set on an adventure in the world of the breath-taking cosmic saga. Help the Coalition to oppose the intransigent enemy — cybernetic Dominators, who aim to conquer all galaxy — one star system after another. You’ll need to stop Dominators by destroying their key nerve centers. Make alliances with the sapient races, accomplish versatile missions, defeat space pirates and be victorious!

Space Rangers: Legacy

Interested? Check out the sci-fi game on Google Play.

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