Soul Guardians 2 and Team Guardian Shutting Down

Soul Guardians 2 gameplay

Pictosoft has officially announced the closure of two of its mobile RPGs, Team Guardian and Soul Guardians 2.

Soul Guardians 2 was a 2D action RPG with minor platforming elements. The action packed game had players build up their character and take on the game’s monsters in short instanced levels as well as look for teammates and friends in the game’s multiplayer hubs. It launched in 2017 and managed to accumulate over 100,000 downloads through Google Play since that time. It was well received by fans, and maintained a fairy high rating until a recent extended maintenance. The game is set to shut down at the end of August and has already been removed from Google Play. Pictosoft cited losses and maintenance costs as the reason for the game’s demise.

Team Guardian: Legend of 23 Heroes was a 3D brawler-style action RPG that, like Soul Guardians 2, featured multiplayer hub plazas and instanced dungeons. It was also launched last year and has only received one update since November. It also managed to accumulate mover 100,000 downloads through Google Play and is set to shut down at the end of August.

Both Team Guardian: Legend of 23 Heroes and Soul Guardians were published by mobirix.

Free to play online games shutting down is a regular occurrence and usually comes as a result of maintenance and update costs outweighing the revenue the game generates. These shut downs are rarely surprising and come after a game’s active player base has dwindled and updates have been stopped for some time. Notable recent shut downs, or announcements of impending shut downs, include Capcom’s Puzzle Quest, Gamevil’s ArcheAge Begins, and Nexon’s Titanfall: Assault.

Nexon has been particularly aggressive about trimming its mobile catalog in the past few months as it shut down Titanfall, Mabinogi Card Duel, and transferred the service of Fantasy War Tactics R to another company. At the same time the Korean company has launched the popular action RPG Darkness Rises, strategy RPG Master of Eternity, and 2D action RPG MapleStory M.

Though rarely surprising, game closures are a reminder that purchase made in online games do not last forever.