“Sonic Runners Adventure” is Another Sonic Game Coming to Android

Sonic Runners Adventure

Not long after the release of Sonic Forces: Speed Battles, there’s another Sonic runner on the way. This time it’s Sonic Runners Adventure from Gameloft. Gameloft is no stranger to runners thanks to previous releases like Danger Dash, Minions Rush, and Paddington Run. Sonic is certainly no stranger to Android, with his most recent appearance coming in the Sega Forever edition of Sonic The Hedgehog 2.

Gamers can check out the game’s official website and sign up for Gameloft’s Sonic Adventure Runners giveaway. There are 10 prize packs to be won, and each pack includes a plush Sonic, vinyl figure, mug and more. These are physical goods, not in game items.

Although Gameloft has worked on numerous licensed games, including Spiderman, Ice Age, and My Little Pony titles, a Sonic runner appears to be an odd move. Firstly, Sega already has a healthy mobile presence with a number of big titles and the ever expanding Sega Forever library. It’s hard to see why they would have Gameloft develop and publish a Sonic game. Second, there are already three different Sonic runner games already available.

A price point for Sonic Runners Adventure on Android has not been announced, but the game is $2.99 on iOS. Although Sonic Runners Adventure does not have an official release date, it should be noted that the deadline to enter the giveaway is December 21, 2017. It would not be surprising if the game was released on or around that date. Here is the game’s official trailer:

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