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Sonic Forces: Speed Battle Tips & Tricks

If you want to beat the competition, you will need to power up your characters, get your movement timing ready, and develop a good strategy for each level. These Sonic Forces: Speed Battle tips and tricks will help you with that.

Tips & Tricks for Winning Races in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

Rings are important!

The more rings you pick up, the faster you can run. Getting early rings is extremely important as it can put you ahead of the pack and away from other players and their weaponry. You will only receive a speed bonus for having up to 100 rings. Any rings after your first 100 will just be extra loot, or insurance in case you lose some of your rings during the race.

Don’t avoid enemies!

Sonic Forces Speed Battle Enemy
Jumping into enemies gives you rings in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

Your first instinct might be to avoid enemies by picking a different lane. That is a mistake. Jumping or sliding into an enemy will destroy them and give you 5 rings. Those 5 rings can make a huge difference early in the race. Plus a lot of the time there will be more rings placed behind an enemy, and if you avoid the enemy you’ll miss out on those too.

Master jumping!

It might be tempting to avoid obstacles by taking the safest possible path. Well, the safest possible path is rarely the most rewarding. Many coins and power-ups are placed just behind an obstacle that you have to jump over, so the faster you master jump timing the easier things will be. You can also avoid many of your opponent’s traps by jumping over them.

Levels are important

This one is obvious. The higher your player level is, the more of a boost you get from having lots of rings. The higher your character level is, the stronger your power-ups will be and the more rings you will start each race with.

You can pick up multiple power-ups!

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle power-ups
If you’re quick enough, you can pick up two power-ups.

Whenever power-ups are staggered, like at the start of every race, you can quickly change lanes as you pick them up to get more than one. At the start of the race that means you will have two power-ups and one of your opponents will have lost out on getting one.

Tips for Getting More Racer Cards in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle<

Race daily

Every 24 hours players will have a new “star racer” available. When a “star racer” is used, card rewards are doubled for the first 5 races.

Don’t forget about the multipliers

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle rewards
Double the rewards for using a star runner, plus double the rewards for watching an ad.

After every race you will have the option to watch an ad to double the amount of cards you receive. So suddenly a reward of 12 cards becomes 24. This stacks with the star racer bonus, for up to 4x the cards.

Don’t open chests right away

2 hour chests can be opened instantly if you watch a commercial. None of the other chests have that option, and if you start opening a different chest you won’t be able to crack open a 2 hour chest. So open 2 hour chests right away, but save all of the other ones until you plan to take a break from the game or your inventory is full.

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle is now available on iOS, and will launch on Android on November 16th, 2017, in what’s shaping up to be a busy week for new games. The game is currently in its soft launch phase and available in select countries.
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