Sonic CD Joins Sega Forever Collection

Sonic CD Classic

Sega’s increasingly impressive Sega Forever collection has expanded once again. This time around they have added another Sonic game, the Sega Genesis classic Sonic CD. Originally released in 1993, Sonic CD required Genesis (or Mega Drive) owners to have the Sega CD or Sega Mega CD console attachment in order to play the game’s CD Rom.

Sonic CD’s lasting legacy is the introduction Metal Sonic and Amy Rose, both of whom have become series regulars.

As with most Sega Forever titles, Sonic CD is free with ads. Ads can be removed for via an in app purchase for $1.99. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description, a trailer, as well as an update list of Sega Forever titles:


  • Collect all seven Time Stones to defeat Dr. Eggman and save Amy Rose
  • Time travel between the past, present, and future versions of each level
  • Use Sonic’s spin dash and super peel out moves to zoom around stages
  • Clear the game to unlock Miles “Tails” Prower
  • Sonic CD now features both the US and Japanese soundtracks!

The Sega Forever library now includes:

Interested? Check out the classic Sonic game on Google Play.

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