Stealth Game Sneak Ops Escapes Beta, Launches on Android and iOS

Sneak Ops

Noodlecake Studios, the indie publisher behind the releases of Suzy Cube and the Android version of Alto’s Odyssey, has launched a new mobile stealth game. Sneak Ops offers gamers a chance to sneak through dangerous facilities that change on a daily basis.

Developed by Gritmaniacs, Sneak Ops is almost exclusively a stealth game, requiring players to methodically figure out guard and camera patterns in order to walk right past security (or knock out unsuspecting guards). Being spotted means game over or at least a trip back to the last checkpoint. As players sneak their way past cameras, lasers and guards, they will find diskettes that allow them to save their game at designated checkpoints and help determine their score at the end of the mission.

The methodical sneaking is occasionally broken up by sections that require players to think on their feet. These sections usually occur when players enter rooms without any breathable air, making moving towards the exit a priority. Or players might get chased by alerted guards after they make a little too much noise.

In a unique twist, Sneak Ops features gets a new level for users to play through each day. That and the game’s 20+ collectible characters act as incentives to come back to the game often to see and unlock everything it has to offer.

The game was previously available on Android as an early access beta app and has undergone minor changes and bug fixes since first appeared on Google Play at the end of June.
Sneak Ops is free and contains ads and in app purchases.

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