Platformer Slime Pizza Arrives on Android

Slime Pizza

Coming a day after its iOS counterpart, Nitrome & Neutronized’s Slime Pizza is now available on Android. Slime Pizza has players take the role of a delivery slime right after it crash lands on a delivery mission. The slime’s cargo (precious pizza) has been scattered and players will need to retrieve it.

Players will need to fling the slim from one location to another while they gather pizza. While the environment holds numerous obstacles and enemies, the slime has his abilities as well. Players are able to fling the slime at walls and watch it stick to the surface, or absorb keys needed to open up rooms in order to progress. The game also features checkpoints which, provided you have collected enough pizza, will save your progress.

Nitrome is a prolific publisher and developer responsible for releasing such titles as Leap Day, ReDungeon as well as more recent games like Turn Undead and Tower Fortress. Neturonized is a developer specializing in pixel art games, its most notable release is the platformer Super Cat Bros.

Slime Pizza is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

As Slime Pizza’s delivery boy, your ship crash lands and all the pizzas have been scattered!
Collect all the pizza you can, but beware the watchful eye of the planet’s patrol officer!

Interested? Check out the slimey game on Google Play.

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