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Com2uS Starts Beta Test For Skylanders Ring of Heroes

Summoners War and Chain Strike publisher Com2uS has launched an Android beta test for their upcoming Skylanders mobile game. Skylanders Ring of Heroes offers players a chance to collect and battle more than 60 different Skylanders characters including Erupter, Boomer, Stealth Elf and of course Spyro.

Ring of Heroes is a turn based hero collection RPG that lets players collect and power up their team of Skylanders and then take them into battle. Unlike previous games in the franchise, players will not need to collect physical figures to summon their favorite heroes. Instead of trying to sell players more toys, this game is built with in app purchases in mind.

Beyond just a single player campaign, the new Skylanders game will feature Champions Arena, a PVP mode with real-time player versus player combat, letting players take on other Portal Masters.

As with similar beta tests, progress made during the beta will be reset once the beta test ends and the game’s in app purchases are not enabled during the test. To encourage players to test out the game, Com2uS is holding a number of events that reward users with coupons that can be used once the game launches. Based on their progress players will be emailed various coupons prior to the game’s official launch, for more information see the in-game events page.

Skylanders is a video game series that revolved around collecting physical Skylanders figures and then summoning them into Skylanders games using a special NFC reader. The series has gone on to spawn an animated television series, novels, and more. Ring of Heroes is not the first mobile Skylanders game. The franchise has made a number of appearances on smartphones over the years, but the only game in the franchise still available for download is casual city builder Skylanders Lost Islands.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes is free to download, and will contain in app purchases when the game launches. The beta test is set to run until June 25th, 2018. Here is a trailer with a look at the game:

Interested? Check out the beta test for the upcoming RPG on Google Play.

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