ZPLAY’s latest arcade game is ‘Skater – Let’s Skate’

Skater – Let’s Skate

ZPLAY Games, the mobile publisher behind games like Beat Racer, Push Sushi, and Space Wall, has released a new skateboarding themed game that might look a little familiar at first glance. Not quite an auto-runner, Skater – Let’s Skate is an arcade that has players control their speed and rotation as they ride across the game’s 50+ levels. Each level is set in one of a number of unique cities around the globe, with 2D representations that try to capture the spirit of each location. Players will need to jump across platforms, consider momentum, and even go backwards in order to successfully complete each level or go far in the game’s endless mode.

When looking at certain levels, particularly Paris, players may at first glance mistake the game for Team Alto’s Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey. That resemblance is mostly superficial, and Skater focuses much more on momentum and balance and less on providing a relaxing and zen-like experience. Players will quickly find themselves skating backwards in order to reach certain ramps, going upside down, and further taking advantage of the game’s less than accurate physics. Skater – Let’s Skate uses a one button control scheme that has players hold down on the screen to go faster or rotate in the air.

Of note is that ZPLAY Games is the parent company of Canadian publisher Noodlecake games, which handles the Android publishing of both Alto titles. ZPLAY is also the publisher of games like Cat Quest and Meteor in China.

Skater – Let’s Skate is hardly the first skateboarding themed runner-esque game around around, it follows in the footsteps of games like Epic Skater 2 and Shadow Skate. Compared to Epic Skater 2, ZPLAY’s skater is less focused on tricks and gameplay or content variety, instead offering a simpler experience without a lot of frills.

Skater – Let’s Skate is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here’s a trailer with a look at the game:

Interested? Check out the new skateboarding game on Google Play.

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