Sims Mobile Review: The Chance to Create One-Of-A-Kind Sims

The Sims Mobile

The Basics

  • Name: The Sims Mobile
  • From: Electronic Arts & Maxis
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Price: Free with ads and IAPs

The Details

  • Installed size: 422 mb
  • Best played in medium sessions
  • Many bugs experienced
  • Playable Offline: No

What is The Sims Mobile?

The Sims Mobile is the newest entry in the long running The Sims franchise of simulation games. Like other games in the franchise, players can create their own Sims, customize their home, and have their Sims take part in a variety of activities. The Sims Mobile lets players have up to 4 Sims at a time, and each Sim can have their own career, hobby, and relationship.

The core of the game is having Sims participate in events or story sequences. That might mean having a Sim work in an office as part of a business career, try to become friends with another Sim, or participating in a talent competition. Regardless of the event type, the gameplay mechanics are virtually identical. Each event runs for a certain amount of time, and players can shorten that amount of time by manually completing actions. Manually completing actions is done with a few taps and it uses a Sim’s limited energy pool.

As players complete events they gain experience that helps them level up and unlock new furniture and other customization options. Job and hobby specific furniture can also be unlocked by completing related events. After a Sim reaches a certain point, they can retire and leave players with heirlooms that unlock new abilities for future Sims.

The Sims Mobile gameplay


The Sims Mobile is buggy and has some questionable features, but it does offer a great deal of character customization. Most of the game’s bugs can be put into the category of entirely harmless glitches. They might include bringing a plate of food to a table at a completely empty restaurant, multiple characters standing in the same place, or a character wandering outside of their workplace for no apparent reason to complete a task.

The core issues with The Sims Mobile are in the game’s design. The main issue is that none of the game’s activities are particularly enjoyable. The tsksin The Sims Mobile feel like they could be in any run-of-the-mill idle game and even participating in the game’s activities feels like tapping on the screen to speed up progress. Gone is the sense of freedom to create and customize one’s home in wacky and mischievous ways. Functional furniture that restores energy, can be used for hobbies or social interactions is a necessity, and building one’s home around these items becomes part of the game. The amount of furniture is also limited, particularly as players start out. Though more items are unlocked as players progress, there is of course plenty of furniture that can only be acquired with the game’s premium currency.

Where The Sims Mobile really shines is character customization. Players can really build one-of-a-kind Sims thanks to the game’s excellent Sims editor that gives players a lot of control over what their new Sim will look like. There are also plenty of clothing and styling options to choose from. The character customization is somewhat diminished by the fact that the game intends for players to retire their Sims at some point. That means that the character you worked to create will essentially become an NPC Sim that you might see around town. At the same time that also means that you will have another slot to create a new Sim.

The energy system, which is sure to rub many players the wrong way, is not nearly as much of an issue as it once was. Although players are still limited to a certain amount of energy, because of changes to the game’s event system, using energy just reduces the amount of time required to complete an event. That puts a limit on the amount of things a player can do in one gameplay sessions, but it’s not something that will act as a road block for players who don’t plan to play the game for hours at a time.

At the end of the day The Sims Mobile has one strength, great character customization. The rest of the game’s features, like home customization, jobs and hobbies, don’t actively make the game worse, but they largely feel insignificant and shallow. Given the popularity of The Sims franchise and the numerous changes the game has undergone during its soft launch phase, it’s reasonable to assume that the current version of The Sims Mobile is not what people will be playing a year from now. If future updates improve the game’s home customization and fix some of the glitches experienced while reviewing the game would greatly improve the latest entry in the long running franchise.

Fantastic character customization, not much else
Available on Google Play
Note: This review reflects the author’s views on the game at the time it was played. The state of the game may have changed since that time. Please note that installed size includes optional downloads where applicable.