Shurado Is a New Sword Fighting Game For High End Devices


GANBARION has released a game with some of the more demanding requirements seen on Android. Shurado is a single player sword fighting game designed for high end devices. The game has simple controls and focuses on players making tactical decisions to attack or defend depending on the situation. Movement is automatic, and players simply tap on the right side of the screen to attack (or tap and hold for more powerful build-up attacks), and tap on the left side of the screen to defend. Attacking requires stamina, while defending requires endurance. Winning will come down to managing one’s stamina and endurance while effectively attacking your opponent.

Shurado offers numerous weapons to collect and power up. These weapons are acquired through the game’s loot crate system which require a certain amount of time to open. The opening timer can be bypassed using premium items, or in certain cases by watching an optional video advertisement.

Unfortunately for a lot of users, because of Shurado’s focus on high end graphics, many users will be unable to play the game. It currently has a baseline requirement of Android 7.0, that requirement alone means that only about a quarter of Android users will have access to the game. Given that the game is clearly meant for newer devices, the requirement is understandable though the requirements for the other recently released visually impressive fighting game were not nearly as onerous.

Shurado is free and contains ads and in app purchases. The iOS version of the game is not available at this time, but the developer has said it is coming soon. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

  • Enjoy intuitive operations and tactical bargains
  • Tap on the right half of the screen to attack.
  • Tap on the left half of the screen to defend.
  • Activate sword skills incorporated in weapon by tapping two points on the screen.
  • You can obtain new weapons by opening chests.
  • Collect spiritual fragments to strengthen weapons and win against death battles with formidable enemies.
  • More than 80 types of weapons available currently with more to come!

Interested? Check out the new sword fighting game on Google Play.

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