The Worldwide Launch of Shadowgun Legends Is Here

Shadowgun Legends

One of the most anticipated mobile games of the past few years has finally arrived . Developer MADFINGER Games has released the latest entry in the Shadowgun series to mobile gamers around the world. Shadowgun Legends promises to be the most feature-rich shooter on Android, complete with a single player story mode, co-op, multiple PVP modes, and a lot more.

MADFINGER Games has previously held an invite-only closed beta test for Shadowgun Legends and followed that up with a small soft launch and a brief stress test. Throughout it all they have also been running a pre-registration campaign that offered gamers some in game goodies for signing up early.

Shadowgun Legends has promised a whole slew of features. That includes character customization that allows players to create their own classes by choosing from over 50 different active and passive skills, controller support, a persistent world, and much much more. It also promises a lot of content, with over 200 different weapons and over 200 pieces of armor to go along with 150+ cosmetic items.

Shadowgun Legends is free and contains in app purchases. Here is a trailer and an excerpt from the game’s description with more information:


Captivating story-driven CAMPAIGN WITH OVER 200 MISSIONS

  • Save humanity from the Torment in an epic Story Campaign spanning four diverse new worlds

Team up with friends on CO-OP MISSIONS AND RAIDS with awesome bosses

  • Join forces with up to three friends, combining your wits and firepower to conquer epics raids and earn yourselves Legendary loot

Best the rest in FAST-PACED PVP team battles

  • Take on your friends in player versus player modes – 1v1 Duels or 4v4 Ascendancy.

Test your aim with 300+ UNIQUE TOOLS OF DESTRUCTION

  • Try out all seven different weapon classes to find out what suits you best – Pistols, Shotguns, SMGs, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, heavy Machine Guns, or good old fashioned Rocket Launchers – take your pick!

Build your ultimate LEGENDS WITH 50+ SKILLS

  • Choose how to spec your character with a vast array of game-changing skills – invisibility, teleportation, or devastating anti-matter bombs – no classes, no restrictions.

Interested? Check out this year’s most anticipated shooter on Google Play.

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