Sdorica -sunset- is Going Global and Pre-registration is now available

Sdorica -sunset-

Rayark has opened up pre-registration for the global release of its hero collection game Sdorica -sunset-. Already in open beta in a number of regions, Sdorica offers turn based RPG combat with a unique tile board element.

Sdorica combines its vibrant visual style with music from the composer of Deemo’s main soundtrack and puts it all in a storybook style package. On top of that there are hero collection elements that let players gather characters that fall into one of the game’s three classes: Attack, Defense, Support.

Everyone who pre-registers on the game’s official website will be eligible to receive a Million Infuse Bookmark, which can be used for 1 roll. Players will also receive the following rewards based on the total number of users that pre-register:

  • 50,000 pre-registrations: 2,000 Curren (basic currency)
  • 100,000: 50 Crystals (premium currency)
  • 300,000: 1 Tear of Dragon Slayer
  • 500,000: 100 Crystals
  • 1 million: 1 random rare character
  • 1.5 million: 10 Puggi Character Minerals
  • 2 million: 100 Crystals, Tear of Ancient Dragon, 2 Million Infuse Bookmarks, 5,000 Curren

Rayark is a studio based in Taiwan best known for its rhythm games that include Voez, and Cytus. Though perhaps the company doesn’t quite have the name recognition of some mobile developers, a number of its games have been downloaded over 5 million times on Google Play alone.

Sdorica -sunset- is free to play and already available in a number of countries in Southeast Asia as well as Oceania and Canada. Here is the game’s global launch trailer and an excerpt from its Google Play description with more information:

  • Visuals
  • In the colorful and magnificent environment, every single character will be on stage. Experience a picturesque, storybook-like adventure.

  • Music
  • Handled by Chamber Chu, the composer of DEEMO’s main soundtrack, a fully orchestrated soundtrack materializes the world note by note.

  • Story Telling
  • Displayed with fully animated cutscenes handcrafted by 2D animators. In addition to the main storyline, the side stories of over 30 characters are woven together to create this grand tale.

  • Strategy
  • Support, Attack and Defense; three classes of characters complement each other. From picking team members to planning a strategy based on the number of blocks on board, enage in exhilarating battles that challenge your tactical mind.

Interested? Check out the gacha game on Google Play.

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