The Scrungeon Depths: An Upcoming Rogue-like

The Scrungeon Depths

Two person dev studio When’s Lunch? Games will be releasing their new pixel-art rogue-like game The Scrungeon Depths on Android, iOS, and PC (via Steam) on November 9th, 2017. The Scrungeon Depths promises procedurally generated dungeons with hordes of monsters that are trying to kill you. Now of course it wouldn’t be a proper dungeon without loot, so monsters also have a chance of dropping new gear and gold to help players slay more of their brethren. That gold can be used to buy various tools of destruction in the game’s shop, as players try their best to have the gear and skill necessary to take on the game’s boss encounters. Here’s an excerpt from the game’s description, and official trailer to give you an impression of what to expect when the game launches later this year:

The Scrungeon Depths is an over the top, ludicrously randomly generated rogue like madhouse. Wade through the body parts of defeated foes to crawl ever deeper and seek answers to the mysteries held within. Only the strong (and slightly insane) will survive.

Looking to get a taste of The Scrungeon Depths a bit early? the beta version is still available on Google Play

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