Scrolls of Gloom Is a Casual Match 3 Rpg Without IAPs

scrolls of gloom

Scrolls of Gloom is the newest entry in the match 3 RPG genre that is currently occupied by such heavy hitters as Puzzle & Dragons, Legendary: Game of Heroes, and a number of Puzzle Quest titles.

Scrolls of Gloom combines some traditional first person dungeon crawling gameplay with match 3 RPG combat mechanics. While players explore the game’s dungeons in search of items, keys, and exit portals, they will also encounter some of the game’s 28 different monsters. Players will need to match tiles to inflict damage on their opponent while avoiding skull tiles that will damage the player.

The match 3 RPG sub-genre first became popular with the release of Puzzle Quest on the Nintendo DS and PSP. The game let players battle against the game’s AI by combining their character’s stats with the player’s ability to match tiles. The sub-genre that Puzzle Quest created grew thanks to Puzzle Quest’s sequels and ports.

Match 3 gameplay is a natural fit on smartphones as the genre makes good use of touchscreens and is well suited to be played in portrait mode. Eventually new games in the match 3 RPG genre became free to play titles built around in app purchases. That includes one of the most famous gacha games on the platform, Puzzle and Dragons, as well as numerous entries in the Puzzle Quest series.

Scrolls of Gloom is free and contains ads but no in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

Explore dungeons while fighting wandering monsters and collecting loot. Use the gold and gems you loot to enhance your character. Find the key in each dungeon to unlock the next magic dungeon portal scroll. If you die or don’t use the exit portal you will lose half of the gold you collected while in the dungeon. Walking into a red potion will heal you if you need it. Use gold to increase your experience level which will increase your health points and melee damage. Use gems to enchant your weapon and spells to inflict more damage. During combat the more tiles you match the greater the damage. Matching spell or weapon tiles damages the monster. Matching skull tiles damages you. A mini map is created as you explore a dungeon which you can refer to for help navigating the dungeon.

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