SBK Team Manager Coming This Fall

SBK Team Manager

Fans of the recently release Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 that would prefer managing teams that specialize in racing on two wheels will soon have a new game to check out. Digital Tales has announced that it will launch SBK Team Manager later this year.

The new superbike racing management sim will challenge players to build a full team capable of excelling on and off the track. Players will be able to sign racers, hire crew members, sign sponsors, and pick their bikes as they try to build the sport’s top team.

Like other sport simulation and management titles, SBK Team Manager will not have players control the athletes themselves. Instead the game focuses on team building, having suitable equipment, and managing the team’s finances.

The game will be broken down into three parts: team management, bike setup, and races. The team management component will let players allocate their budget, sign on different sponsors, and manage their staff. The bike setup portion will allow players to make adjustments during practice sessions, while the racing portion will have players interact with racers via a tactical interface.

SBK (Superbike World Championship) is a racing series where competitors race on modified consumer motorcycles. On the mobile gaming side of things, SBK15 amassed more than 10 million downloads through Google Play and SBK16 has crossed the 5 million downloads threshold on the platform. Both games were developed by Digital Tales.

SBK Team Manager is coming to Android and iOS this fall and does not have an official price point at this time. Here is the game’s debut trailer:

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