Samurai Kazuya Is a New Samurai Clicker

Samurai Kazuya

Dreamplay Games and Rawhand have teamed up to release Samurai Kazuya, a new samurai themed clicker / tapper. The new game lets players tap away to cut down trees, collect items to use to upgrade their sword and samurai, and take on opponents in one on one fights.

The game is split into two components, the basic tapper portion and The Tower. The tapper portion has Kazuya endlessly attack different objects, receiving gold and items after each one is ‘defeated’. As with many tappers, Kazuya will attack on his own, but his attacks are much quicker when the player taps on the screen. The gold and items earned can be used to improve his abilities and craft more powerful swords.

The game’s active mode, The Tower, has players battle through a series of enemies in order to work their way towards each level’s final boss. The fights are simple, with one dedicated attack button and a block button, though block timing may take some getting used to. It’s all in the service of getting more gear and gold to further upgrade Kazuya.

Samurai Kazuya is free and contains ads and in app purchases. It’s available on Google Play.

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