Samurai Game Karl2 now available


222%, the prolific mobile game company that previously went by 111% has released Karl2 the follow up to their samurai arcade game Karl. The original game was released quite recently (May 2017) and has been downloaded over 500,000 times on Google Play. Karl2 is a game where players take the role of a Samurai, presumably named Karl, and charge up attacks that send the samurai towards his enemies. Each time the samurai makes a move, so do the ninjas that aim to stop him. His enemies shoot various projectiles that the samurai can deflect if his attacks land on them, but will damage him if they make contact.

As previously mentioned, this is effectively turn-based so players have to think about their next step to avoid being trap in a barrage of projectiles with no escape route. There are boss fights, upgrades for your weapons, and more stuff to unlock. Like many of the games released by 222% (or 111%), Karl2 provides a different experience than most of the games on Google Play. Interested in some samurai versus ninjas action? check out some gameplay footage:

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