Happy Hop Developer’s Sailor Cats Now in Early Access

Sailor Cats

There’s no shortage of games featuring the internet’s favorite creatures, but that never stops developers from releasing more cat games. The newest cat game to hit Google Play is Platonic Games’ Sailor Cats, a casual game filled with cats in all sorts of costumes.

Despite being perilously close to water, the game’s cats need to go fishing in order to gather materials and upgrade their ship. During their fishing adventure players will discover new cats, treasure, and new environments.

Platonic Games is the Spanish developer behind the puzzle game Symmetry and hoppers Happy Hop and Jelly Jump.

Sailor Cats is free and contains in app purchases. It just entered early access so users should not be surprised if they encounter a few bugs. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

Aye aye, Captain! 😀 Do you need some chill out time? Wanna play a relaxing but super fun adventure game and collect lots of cute and nerdy things? Great! But careful! Because this furry cute cats with frisky paws will steal and melt your heart in a blink <3

Help your lonely fisher cat on its fishing adventure through becoming the most kawaii pirate in the world! Find friends to join its happy fleet, collect rare treasures and discover a-meow-zing new worlds full of crazy creatures and paw-some boats!

Interested? Check out the new cat game on Google Play.

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