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Endless Whale-Rider Run-A-Whale out now

Endless runners, riders, platformers, etc. are everywhere on Google Play. Run-A-Whale has joined the crowded endless game market and it has some nifty things to offer. Aside from the obvious whale-riding, it offers some pretty nice 3D graphics, boss fights, and no in app purchases or ads. That comes at the very reasonable price of $0.99. Here are the features that the game promises on its Google Play listing, and a trailer just below that:


-60 fps physic based gameplay.
-One touch control, easy to learn, difficult to master.
-Beautiful “low poly” graphics.
-Procedurally generated obstacles and level.
-Day & night cycle and weather effects.
-90 handcrafted goals.
-5 epic mini bosses.
-20 different hats to unlock.
-No In app purchase.

Interested? Check out Run-A-Whale on Google Play

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