Rules of Survival Getting a Death Race Mode

Rules of Survival

NetEase has announced that Rules of Survival will receive a brand new mode tomorrow. The popular battle royale game will soon feature a death race mode that pits teams of players against each other as they try to destroy their opponents’ vehicles.

Death Race will consist of up to 15 teams of 4, with each team occupying their own vehicle. The goal of the mode is to eliminate the other teams by destroying their vehicle. Unlike the main battle royale mode, killing players will not eliminate them. Instead downed players are simply frozen for 10 seconds before getting right back into the action.

Alongside the new game mode Rules of Survival will add four new vehicles: an armed jeep, a convertible, an off-road vehicle and a pickup truck. Each vehicle will have its own strengths, such as speed, durability, or advantages in certain environments.

Though unusual, the idea of a death race in a battle-royale game is not unique. Last year PUBG (not to be confused with PUBG Mobile) players created death race custom matches, though the match type was never officially part of the game.

Rules of Survival has surpassed 200 million worldwide downloads and appears to be emerging as leader in the mobile battle royale genre alongside PUBG Mobile. Both games sit atop Android Sloth’s best mobile battle royale games list. That may change with the eventual launch of Fortnite on Android.

Both PUBG Mobile and Rules of Survival have had a number of major content updates since their launch. Prior to the Death Match mode, Rules of Survival added a first person mode. While PUBG Mobile added a new map and followed RoS in adding a first person view.

Rules of Survival is free and contains in app purchases. The new Death Race mode is set to launch on June 27th, 2018.

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