Ruins of Glitterdeep Review: a Flawed Puzzle Game

Ruins of Glitterdeep Review

The Basics

  • Name: Ruins of Glitterdeep
  • Developer: Lantern Boy, LLC
  • Genre: Puzzle with RPG elements
  • Price: Free, with in app purchases

The Details

  • Installed size: 42mb
  • Best played in short-medium sessions
  • No bugs or performance issues experienced
  • Playable Offline: No

What is Ruins of Glitterdeep?

Ruins of Glitterdeep is a simple turn based puzzle game with light RPG elements. You play as a dwarf that traverses dungeons in the search for treasure. Your goal is to collect all of the treasures on the map by putting down tiles to clear a path to each chest. While you are moving around, you always need to be aware of enemies that can chip away at your health. You can upgrade your character using the gold you find on your journey, obtaining additional health, damage or special tiles to help you get through the game’s 49 levels.

Ruins of Glitterdeep gameplay
Lay down tiles to get to the chests, but watch out for goblins


  • Levels: 49
  • Playable characters: 2 (second unlocked with IAP)
  • Stamina system: Yes
  • PVP: No
  • CO-OP: No
  • Social features: None


  • Pleasent tabletop/board game appearance
  • Graphics quality: Good
  • Audio quality: Average
  • Audio recommended: No
  • UI quality: Average
  • Overall presentation: Average


Ultimately Ruins of Glitterdeep has some shortfalls. The combination of Hitman GO – like gameplay and Glitterdeep’s RPG mechanics do not mesh well. Part of the satisfaction of puzzle games is having player skill determine the outcome, having gear and health takes away from that. Finishing a level doesn’t feel quite as good when you know you finished it because you had enough HP, not because you made some great moves. That would be alright if the RPG mechanics added new elements to the game, like they do in games like Puzzle Quest, but that’s not the case here. Glitterdeep has interesting gameplay but in the end just feels poorly balanced.

Interesting puzzle game
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Note: This review reflects the author’s views on the game at the time it was played. The state of the game may have changed since that time. Please note that installed size includes optional downloads where applicable.