RPGolf Is a New Android Game for People Who Want a Golf RPG Hybrid


There’s more than one way to combine game genres. While some may be satisfied with adding RPG elements to sports games, or getting a fantasy themed course or map to play on, others look for more. Well, RPGolf is a new RPG / golf game that tries to blend the two genres to the point where players can’t tell if it’s a golf game with RPG elements or an RPG with golf elements. Players enter a kingdom that has grown lazy after a peaceful era filled with golf. The kingdom was entirely unprepared for the monsters that invaded the kingdom, and more importantly its golf courses. The player’s role is to play the kingdom’s 9 legendary holes of golf and eliminate any monsters that are standing in the way.

RPGolf is $2.99 and does not contain any ads or in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

RPGolf is an exciting blend of classic JRPG with 8-bit golf. Relive the nostalgia of the classic gaming age, but in an exciting new mash-up that combines the best of both worlds.
Key features include:
* Retro gaming graphics to transport you back to the 80s.
* Simple, intuitive controls enable you to battle, golf, and explore the world.
* 9 holes of golf, ready to be discovered across the world map.
* Dungeons filled with treasure and danger!
* Deadly boss fights.

Interested? Check out RPGolf on Google Play.

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