Royal Blood – the RPG Promising 70 vs 70 RvR Is Now Live

Royal Blood

Gamevil has launched Royal Blood, the company’s big new player versus player focused online RPG. The game’s big hook? A 70 vs 70 realm vs realm mode between the forces of Aslan and Harmion as they battle for supremacy.

As players start the game they will be able to choose between the game’s two realms and one of four classes, with the standard warrior, ranger, and mage being joined by a bard class. The game’s classes are gender locked and character customization is limited to a few different faces and a range of hair colors.

Once they create their character players are dropped into the game’s world and go through the usual tutorial that holds their hands for a few minutes as they learn the controls and basic gameplay mechanics. For the most part that involves the usual action RPG control scheme of a virtual joystick and skill/spell buttons. There’s also an auto mode that lets players complete quests without actively playing the game, a feature that some prefer while others loathe.

Eventually players will unlock access to the a 3 vs 3 arena mode and the game’s signature 70 vs 70 realm vs realm mode, letting them put their skills and equipment to the test against other players.

Players that have pre-registered for the game through its official website should receive an email from Gamevil with instructions on how to redeem their pre-registration rewards. Google Play pre-registration rewards should be delivered to the player’s in-game inbox after completing the tutorial.

Gamevil is a Korean publisher and sometimes developer that is best known for titles like Dragon Blaze and Kritika: The White Knights. The company has been fairly busy in the past year with a number of notable releases like ArcheAge Begins, and it currently has open pre-registration for the upcoming hero collection RPG Giants War.

Beyond the games the company has already shown off, they are working on racing game Project CARS GO, a new NBA game, and a revival of their baseball series Baseball Superstars.

Royal Blood is free and contains in app purchases. Here is a trailer with a look at the game:

Interested? Check out the new RPG on Google Play.

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