Downriver Runner Rowan McPaddles Launches on Android and iOS

Rowan McPaddles

Potion Punch developer Monstronauts has released its new runner style arcade game Rowan McPaddles – The Bad Bad River Rush on Android and iOS.

Previously available as an early access title, the game finds players heading through river rapids as they try to pick up coins and avoid stumbling into obstacles all while being chased by a Jawsh, a giant mega shark. Getting out of the water might yield better results when it comes to avoiding sharks but it doesn’t come with the chance to pull off stunts while jumping off of conveniently placed ramps. In practice Rowan McPaddles an endless runner that has players trying to avoid crocodiles, rocks and hippos as they barrel down the river, try to pull off stunts and set a high score.

Beyond just trying to avoid falling into the water, players can pick up coins that can be used to unlock a bunch of new costumes that include lifeguards and mustachioed mermaids. The costumes can be used to augment a player’s style as they set out to pull off stunts while going off of the river’s ramps and post screenshots of their accomplishments in in-game social media page.

Rowan McPaddles – The Bad Bad River Rush is free and contains full screen ads that can be removed via in app purchase, optional video ads, and in app purchases. Here is a trailer with a look at the game:

Interested? Check out the arcade game on Google Play.

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