River City Ransom is Now On Android with Kunio Returns

River City Ransom : Kunio Returns

One of the classic beat ’em up games is now on mobile. As a clicker RPG. The mobile River City Ransom : Kunio Returns has endless stages, upgrade opportunities, and gives players the ability to collect characters from the classic brawler.

As with other clickers, players have little direct impact on the action. Instead users can periodically check in on the game to upgrade their characters and speed up their progress. In the case of River City Ransom : Kunio Returns, players can even evolve their characters into new more powerful forms as they battle through a variety of school themed levels.

Fans disappointing in the game’s direction and looking for a classic beat ’em up experience should check out Double Dragon 4. While Kumio Returns takes River City Ransom in a new direction, Double Dragon 4 stays true to Double Dragon’s classic gameplay style.

River City Ransom : Kunio Returns is free and contains in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

Game Features

  • The automatic battle system runs on its own!
  • Even when the phone is switched off, Kunio and Riki fight tirelessly 24/7!

  • Dungeon schools!
  • Defeat the top fighters of each school to obtain gear and make your Kunio even more powerful!

  • Powerful skills!
  • An array of action-packed skills are available, from summoning terrifying biker gangs to exploding cars!

  • Endless battles!
  • The world is vast and filled with schools. Experience over 1000 stages of battles set in various backgrounds from the original smash hit series, Kunio!

Interested? Check out the retro-themed clicker on Google Play.

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