Risk Ahoy!: Now for something truly bizarre

Risk Ahoy!

Risk Ahoy!: UK P&I Club is a game made by marketing company Digital Results for the UK P&I Club, which handles protection and indemnity insurance. Now if you read that sentence and nothing seemed odd about it, you and I are very different people. The thing that makes this game bizzare is the very fact that it appears to be part of a safety/marketing campaign for a company you have likely never heard of, in a niche industry, being put out to the public. If you ignore its odd origin story, Risk Ahoy! is essentially a minigame collection with a cargo shipping theme. You put out fires, tidy up messes, run and dodge obstacles, answer ship safety questions, etc. It has a less wacky WarioWare feel to it. All of the mini games are simple, tap on a fire to extinguish it, sort of things. Some are a bit odd, tidying up some boxes that are on the ground by tossing them onto a shelf. Not exactly safety conscious, but it fits with the overall WarioWare vibe. Speaking of vibes, the game also has an extremely annoying habit of turning off your phone’s vibration whenever you finish a mini game, a feature you can’t turn off. If you’re interested in the game, check out this trailer and an excerpt from the game’s Google Play decription:

Think you’ve got what it takes to survive a life at sea? Test your skills and powers of observation as you avoid hazards, make decisions and maintain your ship in this fast-paced, arcade experience!

Stack cargo, sort passengers, and get the pilot safely on and off the boat. Can you handle a fire onboard? Are you able to make the right decision that affects the safety of your voyage?

Progress through the ranks and unlock more games and ships, and become the very best at sea!

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