MMORPG Rise of Ragnarok Coming to Android This March

Rise of Ragnarok Pre-Registration

Yoozoo Games (GTarcade), known for the extremely popular League of Angels and Legacy of Discord, is releasing a new MMORPG this March. Rise of Ragnarok – Asunder will be an action RPG featuring a number of classes and both PVP and PVE content that will take players to locations inspired by both history and legend. Pre-registration is now available and there are rewards for registering.

Rise of Ragnarok – Asunder will give users the choice between playing as a deadly assassin, a sturdy warrior, a mage with ranged attacks, and a cleric. The game promises massive PVP and guild battles, boss fights, pets to collect, and hundreds of pieces of equipment. In an unusual move for a mobile MMORPG, Rise of Ragnarok promises to give players the opportunity to trade with other players.

Players who pre-register for Rise of Ragnarok will receive up to 1,000,000 in game gold depending on the total number of pre-registrations. Players who read about the game’s history and classes on the pre-registration site will receive a code to redeem an in-game gift pack.

As with the rest of Yoozoo Games’ mobile titles, Rise of Ragnarok – Asunder will most likely be free with in app purchases when it launches this March. Here is the game’s story with a look at the conflict players will be jumping into:

The origin of the conflict

The mysterious story originated from the black waters of the lifeless ocean of Ginnungagap, surrounded by silence and darkness. Yet slowly as the Oran Mor, the great melody of the primordial god, played across its surface the waters of the ocean began to part, becoming boiling hot and freezing cold and thus forming two realms. Hel opened the gateways between the realms and her forces fell on Midgard. All realms mobilized their forces in an almighty first battle. In this battle, Loki and Odin fought bitterly, until at last Odin fell. He appeared to die on the battlefield, but was entrapped instead. Now players must face many hardships to free Odin from his prison. 

Interested? Check out the new MMORPG’s official website.

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