Rise of Civilizations Beginner’s Guide

Rise of Civilizations beginner's guide

The new Rise of Civilizations mobile game offers gamers a new, and somewhat original, war game to sink their teeth into. When players start out in the game they will be faced with a lot of different ways of moving forward, and some decisions can have a major impact on how well they fare in the game as it progresses. This Rise of Civilizations beginner’s guide should provide some tips and tricks on how to quickly advance and get a leg up on the competition in Lilith Games’ strategy title, as well as sources of free gems, and how to best spend them.

Rise of Civilizations Beginner’s Guide

Picking a server

The first mistake new players are likely to make is to start out on the game’s newest server, which is often the server the game automatically places you in as soon as you start. While this might seem intuitive, it’s the wrong way to go if you hope to get ahead of the competition.

As soon as you finish the tutorial, start a new character on a new server by clicking on your character portrait, selecting settings, and going to character management. Players should look to start on a server that is 3 or 4 days old, if one is available. You can check a server’s age in kingdom list by zooming out on your map and selecting the kingdom icon in the bottom right corner. Starting on a server that is a few days old will instantly give them access to more of the events that open up as the server progresses and more monument achievement rewards.

Why not just start on a newer server? Because the best way to get ahead of the competition is to level up as many of your buildings as possible to level 7 and then transfer to a new server as soon as it opens. This allows you to already have advanced a fair bit while many other players are just starting out. It also lets players collect more free Rise of Civilizations gems.

What to do to prepare to transfer

  • Get as many buildings to level 7 as possible. Players can transfer to a new server before their town hall reach level 8.
  • Explore as much of the map as possible. Be on the lookout for caves, as they give great rewards once explored.
  • Try and complete as many event achievements as possible. Event progress transfers with the player, and unlocking some rewards right away will allow you to advance more quickly.
  • Avoid using speed up items. Save all of your speed ups until after you transfer.
  • Avoid using your beginner’s teleport item. Although you have two of these items, you will need one to switch servers and the second to teleport closer to your guild on your new server.
  • Join a guild. Guilds help each other by speeding up building and research.
  • Don’t attack players, there’s no reason to lose your civilization shield early.
Rise of Civilizations server transfer
The conditions for teleporting to a new server.

To transfer to a different server, simply zoom out until you see the kingdom list button in the lower right hand corner, tap on it, select the newly opened server and tap teleport. Once you transfer to a brand new server after already being at level 7, you will already be well ahead of a large number of players. Of course if you want to stay near the top, there are other things you need to consider.

Research and Villages

The friendly villages you encounter while exploring will usually give you a small amount of resources or a map that can be used to remove some fog of war. Occasionally, they will unlock, or level up one of your technologies. This only applies economic technologies up to, and including the highest levels in masonry, sickle, and hand axe. That means that early on you should concentrate on advancing your military tech tree, and let villages handle your economic technologies.

Free Gems in Rise of Civilizations

Rise of Civilizations gives players numerous opportunities to obtain free premium currency. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Cave exploration
  • Barbarian hunting
  • Daily quests
  • Primary quests
  • Server wide monument achievements
  • Clicking ‘yes’ when asked if you are enjoying the game (thus prompting you to write a review, though you don’t actually have to write the review).
  • Linking your game to your Google Play or Facebook account.
  • Events and special giveaways

Using Gems in Rise of Civilizations

When it comes to using gems, your best bet is to put them towards upgrading your VIP level. This gives you long term benefits such as speeding up building and research speed. Reaching VIP 6 will permanently unlock your second builder, using 2-day builder scrolls after reaching VIP 6 will not mean getting a third builder, instead those scrolls will be converted to speed ups.

Alternatively, gems can be used to purchase speed up items from the courier station when they are heavily discounted.

Building Priorities

As you advance, you will need to level up just about every single building type. There is no avoiding it. Players will need to keep their quarry, travern, and wall at their max levels in order to level up their town hall. In addition to that, each town hall level requires a different building, which itself often requires a different building to be leveld up. That means that players will eventually need to level up each of their buildings to their maximum rank at one point or another. The only buildings that can be neglected early on are resources buildings beyond your first of each type. Meaning you should max out one farm, but leaving the rest at level 1 is just fine.

A Quick Point on Barbarian Hunting

Attacking barbarians costs energy/stamina. That amount is determined by the type of barbarian you go after, your hero’s traits, and the number of consecutive battles you engage in. Attacking barbarians multiple times before returning to town gradually reduces the amount of energy required for each attack.