Napoleon and Guild Wars Added to Hero Collection RPG Returners

Returners guild war update

Hero collection RPG Returners has added guild wars, a new character, new costume, and more equipment upgrades.

The new Guild Annihilation Wars pit guilds against each other in 50 vs 50 conflicts that require cooperation between guild members. Taking place 3 times per week, the new mode will give players an opportunity to earn more guild points.

Returners also further expanded its roster with the latest update, giving players a chance to take control of Napoleon and his cannon. Those looking to improve their current team of heroes will now be able to obtain 7 star gear for the first time and equip Dulcet Bloom with a new skin that boosts her magic attack and health

Alongside the new update players will also be able to participate in a number of new events that reward them with gear upgrading materials and other loot.

Returners is an RPG that focuses on team building and tactics, with players in charge of directing their troops rather than being directly in on the action. The game had its global launch in May of this year and has thus far not gained a lot of traction with Android users. The hero collection RPG currently has surpassed 100,000 downloads on Google Play, a far cry from other Nexon titles, most notably MapleStory M’s 1 million and Darkness Rises’ 5 million. Despite this the game has received a number of updates with new characters and features. It also has a positive 4.6 user rating on Google Play, putting it ahead of most Nexon titles.

Returners is free and contains in app purchases. The game is available on Google Play.

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