How to Quickly Reroll In Lord of Dice

How to reroll in Lord of Dice

An English version of the gacha game Lord of Dice has made its way outside of Asia, and players can now collect dicers and try to climb the Infinity Tower. As with any gacha game, some players prefer to reroll until they get a lucky draw using their free premium currency. The guide below explains how to easily reroll in Lord of Dice.

Rerolling is the practice of making a new game account or character. It is usually done in gacha games in order to use the typically large amounts of free premium currency given at the start of the game in order to do a 10x or 10+1 gacha draw/pull. If the draw is unsatisfactory the process is repeated until the player gets a good draw. Rerolling often involves replaying the tutorial portion of the game numerous times and can even involve deleting and re-downloading a game in order to reset one’s data.

Rerolling in Lord of Dice

Luckily rerolling in Lord of Dice is quick and easy. In order to delete one’s account the player simply needs to go into the options menu, select info, and scroll down until they see a withdraw option. Withdrawing permanently deletes your account, so do not do it unless you are sure that is what you want. Upon deleting your account you will automatically be logged out.

Deleting your account in Lord of Dice

Because withdrawing does not erase any game data other than the account you are using, you can now start a new guest account and go straight into the game without any extra downloads. You can skip all of the cut scenes and the tutorial in order to speed things up. You will need to play the game until you clear the Infinity Tower daily mission (clear 3 Infinity Tower stages). Upon finishing that mission you will clear all of the daily missions and receive more gems.

The sources of your gems will be::

  • Starting Gems: 1,000
  • Guide Mission – Summon Dicer: 100
  • Complete all daily missions: 350
  • Launch Bonus: 1500
  • Achievement – Login Day 1: 100
  • Achievement – Achieve Rank 3: 50
  • Star bonus for clearing stage 3: 12
  • Total gems upon completing the third tower level and collecting all rewards: 3,112

That is enough for a 10+1 premium summon. You can get purchase another 300 gem summon by collecting more gems by going to Dicer → index and claiming gems for collecting dicers.

If you want to speed things up, you can select 2x speed in combat and disable dicer animations when given the option to do so. Note that if you withdraw an account, it is deleted and the name used for that account becomes available again.