Reigns: Game of Thrones Coming To Android, iOS, and Steam in October

Reigns: Game of Thrones

Nerial and Devolver Digital are teaming up with HBO to create Reigns: Game of Thrones, the third entry in the popular card game series. The new game will have players play a crucial role in the direction of Westeros as they interact with characters central to the politics of the Seven Kingdoms.

Reigns: Game of Thrones will bring the card swiping diplomatic gameplay of Reigns to the continent of Westeros. Players will look through the visions of Melisandre and see themselves take the role of Cersei, Jon Snow, Daenerys, Tyrion, Sansa, or other characters as they ascend to the Iron Throne. Each character will have their own unique story and challenges that they will need to face.

The game looks to expand on the world created in George R. R. Martin’s novels and brought to life in HBO’s television series. Though the fact that the game takes place in one of Melisandre’s visions also means that developer Nerial will have a little room to experiment without worrying too much about series cannon.

As with the two previous games in the Reigns franchise, Reigns: Game of Thrones will have players swipe left or right to make decisions and try to satisfy the different factions that they find themselves caught between.

The original Reigns, launched in 2014, was a hit with mobile gamers on Android and iOS. It has gone on to surpass 500,000 downloads through Google Play. Its sequel, Reigns: Her Majesty added a whole new sets of cards for players to swipe through as they took the role of a queen (and her successors). Her Majesty received a 4 star rating in Android Sloth’s review thanks to the game’s sense of humour and compelling content. The Reigns sequel later received a free major update that added 200 new cards and a few new characters.

Reigns: Game of Thrones will be $3.99 and is scheduled to launch on Android, iOS, and Steam on October 18th, 2018. Android pre-registration is now available on Google Play. Here is the game’s debut trailer:

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