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Little Red Riding Hood Runner “Red Cape” Now Available

Developer FireBird has released Red Cape, a new Little Red Riding Hood runner game, on Android. Players must help a girl get to her grandmother’s house while running through an ominous and deadly forest.

Users are tasked with jumping to avoid falling to their doom, picking up lost souls and health, or to avoid making contact with the game’s monsters or traps. Touch a monster does not result in instant death, instead players lose a little bit of their health. Have no fear, because the girl comes bearing weapons. She has weapons that constantly orbit her body, killing anything they come into contact with. They of course won’t help her if they miss a monster or trap before it hits the girl. Beyond the fairly standard 2D runner gameplay, Red Cape has an interesting art style that may be a bit more eye catching than what it offers in terms of gameplay.

Red Cape gameplay

Red Cape is free and contains ads.

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