English Version of Ragnarok M Likely Coming in October

Ragnarok M English version

Ragnarok Online publisher Gravity Co. has released its Q2 Investor Relations Presentation and with it came more news about the English release of Ragnarok M.

Ragnarok M is the latest variant of Gravity’s popular PC MMORPG Ragnarok Online to hit mobile devices. It features more modern 3D graphics that attempt to maintain some of the original game’s charm and appeal to both newcomers and fans of the PC MMORPG. It also has a much stronger focus on social elements like romance, earning it the subtitle Eternal Love. While it focuses more on social elements than most games, Ragnarok M has plenty of the traditional monster hunting and quests gamers expect from MMORPGs. It also features many of Ragnarok Online’s recognizable creatures including Porings, Lunatics, and Mukas.

Ragnarok M has resonated with gamers in South Korea and currently sits at number 12 on the nation’s Google Play top grossing games list. According to the most recent report, the game has helped Gravity grow its earnings and allow mobile gaming to become the primary source of revenue for the company.

As part of the company’s Q2 financial presentation, Gravity has updated their Ragnarok M launch plans for additional regions. The Korean publisher is currently planning on launching the game in Southeast Asia, North America, Russia and CIS, and Brazil this October. As part of the regional expansion the game will be available in a number of languages including English. A Japanese version is also in the works. Other regions were not mentioned in the release plans.

The lack of news regarding a European launch beyond Russia and is likely be meaningful as Gravity has not launched any of its currently available mobile games in Europe with the exception of Russia and current or former CIS regions.

The launch plans are estimates and such estimates are subject to change. That could mean delays and it could also mean a soft launch in one or two regions ahead of the official launch. It does appear things are moving forward, and an official site for the game’s English version has been up for some time now, though it offers nothing more than a ‘coming soon’ message.

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