Racing Team Sim Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 Is Here

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

Playsport Games’ Motorsport Manager is back on Android with a new entry in the popular simulation series. Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 adds new championships, features, and Monaco.

The new game lets players create their own motorsport team and take them across the globe to compete for championships in multiple race types. Players have control over strategies, hiring drivers, and much more. As with previous Motorsport Manager games, players do not take control of the driver during races.

To go along with improved visuals and the addition of Monaco tracks, the game has added both GT and endurance races. It also has multiple difficulty levels, dynamic AI team movement, and the addition of mechanics as part of a complete racing team.

The Motorsport Manager Mobile series is popular with racing fans as it provides players with control over their own team and gives them lots of access to different stats to the freedom of making their team unique. It is best compared to football manager games in that it gives players a high degree of control over what happens in each race without letting them directly control the athletes involved. Both previous games in the series have 4.7 star ratings on Google Play.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 is $3.99 and contains in app purchases. Here’s a trailer with a look at the game:

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