Questland Has Its Global Launch on Android

Questland: Turn Based RPG

Gamesture’s new RPG has wrapped up its soft launch and is now available to Android gamers across the globe. Questland: Turn Based RPG is a first person RPG that draws inspiration from old school dungeon crawlers with more of a focus on collecting gear and character customization.

Though the idea of a first person dungeon crawler might bring to mind classic games such as Dungeon Master or more modern ones like Etrian Odyssey and Legend of Grimrock, Questland provides a different experience. The game does not offer much in the way of exploration, instead players are shepherded from one fight to the next as they take on waves of enemies. Each of these battles plays out using the game’s turn based battle system where players select their chosen target and attack or use a skill. There is also an auto combat option.

Other than auto combat, the game also features a number of standard free to play features which some users may find off-putting. There is a stamina system that’s used to play the game’s stages, VIP levels that give players various benefits (mostly the ability to spend more premium currency), and loot crates that hold gear.

Questland’s most distinct feature is the game’s character customization. Although played in first person, players are given a lot of options when creating their character, with the potential for some unique characters.

Questland: Turn Based RPG is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:


  • CUSTOMIZE your hero whenever you want to: hundreds of looks to choose from!
  • COLLECT exquisite gear: common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary
  • UPGRADE your armor with powerful Orbs and enhancements
  • FIGHT and lose yourself in great battle experience – fast-paced action
  • FIRST PERSON PERSPECTIVE – feel the thrill of combat thanks first person perspective during battles!
  • EXPLORE the vast world of Valia: inspect the battle tower, visit shops, embark on voyages, meet colorful individuals and merciless monsters
  • QUESTS will keep you entertained and busy. Enjoy hundreds of assignments and funny narrative from fellow characters!
  • Interested? Check out the first person dungeon crawler on Google Play.

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