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Push Sushi Brings a New Look to The Unblocking Puzzle Game Genre

ZPLAY has launched a new mobile puzzle game that looks to freshen up an established puzzle game style with a fresh coat of paint. Push Sushi is a standard unlocking puzzle game with a sushi theme.

Unlock style puzzle games are immensely popular, with some games in the genre exceeding 10 million downloads through Google Play. The games are simple to pick up and require that players slide different objects, often wooden blocks or cars, out of the way in order to allow a specially marked object to freely exit the level.

Push Sushi follows the same basic formula while adding a sushi themed aesthetic to the game. The game tasks players with getting a particular piece of sushi to the exit of each stage by sliding every other piece of sushi out of the way. That can of course mean multiple moves that require the player to think ahead as they try to unblock the path forward.

ZPLAY’s new puzzle game promises an impressive 2100 different puzzles, with 51 kinds of sushi, and a move tracker than can keep track of how many moves players make on each stage.

ZPLAY is the Chinese video game publisher that is responsible for the Android releases of the SHMUP Globe, platformer Crush Escape, and shooter Original Journey. The company’s best known releases include arcade action game Will Hero and rhythm game Beat Racer. In 2017 ZPLAY acquired the prominent indie developer & publisher Noodlecake Studios.

Push Sushi is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is a trailer with a look at the game:

Interested? Check out the new puzzle game on Google Play.

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