PUSH: A New Puzzle Game From the Makers of Hook and Zenge


Push all of the buttons. That is the only goal in PUSH a new Android and iOS puzzle game from developers Michal Pawlowski and Maciej Targoni, who worked on Hook and Zenge. In Push players are dropped into the game without any tutorials or instructions, they just have a button that they need to push. As they progress through the game buttons become increasingly more difficult to find, requiring the pulling of levers, activation of other buttons, rotating objects, etc.

If you have played Hook or klocki, then you should have a good idea of what to expect from PUSH. There are no goals or stars, or anything to keep track of progress. There is no user interface to speak of. There are simply puzzles that players can pick up and play at whatever pace they choose.

Like Rainbow Train’s other games, Hook and klocki, PUSH is $0.99 and does not contain any ads or in app purchases. It is currently available on Android and iOS after a brief early access phase on Android, and is coming soon to PC via Steam. Here is an official trailer with some gameplay footage:

Interested? Check out PUSH on Google Play

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