PUBG Mobile Adds War Mode and More In Latest Update

PUBG Mobile War Mode update

PUBG Mobile’s July update has added a new mode, new items, clans, and achievements.

The biggest addition in the latest update to the popular mobile battle royale game is War Mode, a non-battle royal mode. Players still jump from an airplane to begin each match, but that is where a lot of the similarities end. Players have infinite respawns, and instead of trying to be the last person standing they earn points by killing players from the opposing team and reviving their allies. The first team to score 100 points wins. The matches are played on smaller battlefields than the core game mode and players will be able to jump with their weapons. War Mode is essentially PUBG Mobile’s take on team deathmatch.

In addition to the new mode, players will be able to form clans and work with their allies to complete challenges, climb in the rankings, and unlock rewards. There are also new skins for players, weapons, and vehicles as well as the addition of the SLR Snipe Rifle.

PUBG Mobile is an officially licensed mobile version of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds that launched earlier this year on Android and iOS. Since its launch it has received a number of major updates, including the addition of a new map and a first person view. Like other battle royale games, it offers players a chance to drop onto a map, find weapons and equipment, and do anything in their power to be the last person standing. The game’s overall quality and frequent updates have landed it on Android Sloth’s list of the best mobile battle royale games.

PUBG Mobile is free and contains in app purchases. Here’s a trailer for the new update:

Interested? Check out the updated shooter on Google Play.

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