Tencent’s PUBG Mobile Now Has a New Map

PUBG Mobile Mirimar update

PUBG Mobile’s 0.5.0 update has a host of new goodies for fans of the ultra popular battle-royale game. The new update offers gamers a chance to play on the game’s new map, Miramar, wield new weapons and a chance to drive some of the game’s new vehicles.

Since battle-royale games, like MOBAs, are often played on just one or two maps, the addition of Miramar is a major change for Tencent’s shooter. Also available in the PC & console version of the game, Miramar is set in desert filled with buildings. The map offers a new environment, different building layouts, and more. Beyond just a new layout, Miramar features new weapons and vehicles for players to use.

Beyond just Miramar and it’s associated new content, there are a few new features and changes in the new update. As always, there are also some optimization that look to improve the game. This time around the game’s developer has looked to improve sound effects, climbing, parachuting, and special-effects. Today’s update also added a quick team feature designed to make teaming up faster. In addition to that there is a new synergy system designed to strengthen social ties within the game plus the ability to represent your region and flag.

PUBG Mobile is free and contains in app purchases. Here is the game’s new trailer, showing off Miramar:

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