Alpha Test for NetEase’s Project : Battle Starts Tomorrow

Project : Battle alpha test

No stranger to mobile battle royale shooters, NetEase Games will soon start an alpha test for a new sandbox style battle royale game. Project : Battle features a Fortnite-style crafting system to go along with a variety of futuristic weapons, vehicles and more.

Played on a 6km * 6km map with a range of environment, Project : Battle’s main gameplay hook is it’s crafting system. To craft, players need to collect Quantum Cube energy by breaking down items in the world and then turn that energy into walls, towers, ramps, traps, and more.

Though the game is already available for download on Google Play, the alpha test is scheduled to run from 9:00 AM (est) on May 18th until 3:00 AM May 24th, 2018. The device requirements for the test are not particularly. Gamers will need a device running a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 or later, or 801 or later, with similar chips from other makers also being compatible.

As with any alpha test, players should not be surprised if they encounter bugs, glitches, crashes, or connection issues. The game’s developer recommends reporting these issues via the game’s feedback tool.

NetEase Games is best known outside of China for releasing a number of different mobile battle royale titles including Knives Out, and Survivor Royale. The company has also released a number of other games including the MMORPG Crusaders of Light, gacha game Onmyoji, and strategy game Galactic Frontline.

Most recently Netease has wrapped up a beta test for the asymmetrical multiplayer horror survival game Identity V. The game pits 4 survivors against 1 hunter as they try to stay alive while the hunter tries to take them down. Netease is consulting with developers from Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Digital on the project.

Project : Battle is free and does not does not contain any ads or in app purchases during the game’s alpha test. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

In the quantum virtual world, you can become the leader of the Wanderers Celestial, who represents justice and order. Or become Zero, who is the No.1 cyber hunter. Then jump into vivid, well-developed interwoven stories that are filled with fresh and distinctive characters.

Interested? Check out the new shooter on Google Play.

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